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PB-Enterprises was founded in 2005, in order to promote the experiences made during a career lasting for 37 years in the field of technical development and project management in the Aerospace industry to other companies, specialising on Avionic-Systems, Test systems, Ground Support Systems and aircrew synthetic training aids with simulators. (Aerospace Consulting). (2005-2020)

Today the emphasis lies in the field of technical and marketing consulting, also extending the activities into the organisation of international Conferences, as with the ITEC (International Training and Education Conference) und the FMPT/ILA (Future Military Pilot Training Conference at the International Airshow Berlin). (2005-2020)

With a second area of activities, PB Enterprises engages itself also as publishing house, in order to offer a podium for modern art and poetry, travel books and literature. We are advising and producing print-products (books, brochure, catalogues) and also e-books. Since 2005 on-going.

Consulting and international Conferences

In the area of consulting, different companies in the homeland and abroad have been advised. A list of these companies can be found under References. Belonging in the area of international conferences are primarily the „International Training and Education Conference ITEC“, where we have been member of the international committee since 2003 and were chairing the conference 2007 in Cologne and the „Future Military Pilot Training (FMPT) – Conference“ at the  „ILA Berlin Airshow - International Aerospace – Exhibition“, which has been organised by us from 2005 till 2020). Topicals. See also Achievements 1.

P.A.Broß Publishing House 

In the area of publishing, we advise and produce books and e-books in the field of modern art, poetry, literature/novels and of travel reports. The publishing house is member of the German „mvb Marketing- und Verlagsservice des Buchhandels GmbH“ und of „Libreka!“ and its products  can be ordered from the books-shops („VLB – Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher“ as well as all known German online book trading companies. Verlags-Nr. 5222587. They can also be ordered directly from PB-Enterprises via the e-mail-links.
Available books see under References, and also under Achievements 2.